Analysing Reconfigurable Control Systems

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Reconfigurable control systems are meta-control supervisory components, which handle recovery from faults and task-related contingencies in cooperative environments. In this research topic we are interested to study the correctness of such controllers in the context of the European project REMARO: Reliable AI for Marine Robotics, which explore how cooperative underwater robots can operate in places where human presence can be both costly and dangerous, managing on their own without human support.

In this context, a meta-controller can be in charge of e.g., diagnose the current status of the robot’s resources and adapt depending on the current circumstances while handling the execution of a complex mission plans, executed by the cooperative robots (e.g., diagnosing the status of underwater sensors), in such a way that the mission is guarantee to be performed. The analysis techniques will be based on logic and executable models.


Suggested coursework

    IN5170 - Models of concurrency.

    IN5100 - Selected topics in rewriting logic.

    IN5110 - Specification and verification of parallel systems.


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