Verification of Meta-controllers

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Meta-controllers are components which are in charge of recovery from faults and task-related contingencies. The meta-controllers handle failure by means of redundancies in the system and reconfigure the system to ensure a safe mission completion.

A meta-controller continuously diagnose the current status of the different controllers of an autonomous system and reconfigure them depending on the current circumstances.

How can we guarantee that the reconfiguration process is only done when needed? E.g., reconfiguration does not start under normal circumstances, coverage of the failure detection process, successful reconfiguration, etc.

This master topic will contribute with the modelling of a meta-controller to facilitate reliability analysis.

This master topic will be done in the context of the European project REMARO: Reliable AI for Marine Robotics, which explore how cooperative underwater robots can operate in places where human presence can be both costly and dangerous, managing on their own without human support.


Suggested coursework


    IN5170 - Models of concurrency.

    IN5100 - Selected topics in rewriting logic.

    IN5110 - Specification and verification of parallel systems.


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