Finding explanation for ontologies

An increasing number of large ontologies are being developed and made available, eg, in repositories such as the NCBO Bioportal. Ontology diagnosis, eg, debugging and reusing the knowledge contained in ontologies has been identified as an important challenge. Ontology justification has been proposed to deal with this challenge. A justification of an ontology wrt an inclusion is a minimal subset of the ontology that entails the inclusion. Several tools are available for computing justifications. "Black-box" tools can deal with more expressive ontology languages, but they are relatively slow to compute justifications, while "glass-box" tools can currently only deal with the ontologies under the OWL EL profile [2]. 


In this project we focus on extending the glass-box tool 'Just'. The main goal of this project is to extend this tool to be able to deal with more expressive ontologies.

The work in this thesis includes:

  • extend the current tool [1] to deal with range restriction by using an extended calculus;
  • implement and approximate black-box algorithms [3] that enable the tool to deal with more expressive ontologies;
  • adding user interface for the tool.

The positive part of this project is that you do not have to develop everything from scratch. Our previous work has already laid a good foundation of this project. Besides, you have freedom to do either theoretical research or practical implementation in this project. 

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