Available theses from Biomedical Informatics (BMI)

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
The effect of splicing mutations in prostate cancer 2. mars 2021
Develop improved segmentation algorithms 14. okt. 2020
Develop novel visualisations of genomic rearrangements in cancer 14. okt. 2020
Developing a software platform for domain-tailored machine learning analyses 26. sep. 2020
Developing machine learning methodology to decipher the adaptive immune system 26. sep. 2020
Bioinformatics: Simulating the motion of genes 3. feb. 2020
Bioinformatics: Model the 3D genome of your favorite organism 3. feb. 2020
Bioinformatics: Associating gene regulatory networks with 3D genome information 3. feb. 2020
Bioinformatics: Network analysis of the 3D genome 3. feb. 2020
Searching for small peptides encoded by the human genome 1. okt. 2019
Building epigenetic clocks for estimating aging in life after cancer 12. sep. 2019
Optimal analysis of microbiome sequencing data in clinical medicine 25. sep. 2018
Detecting transcription regulatory networks in cancer 24. sep. 2018
Clustering cancer omics data with NMF 24. sep. 2018
Aiming at heterogeneous parallel computing: To overlap or not to overlap? 20. sep. 2018