Available theses from Biomedical Informatics (BMI)

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Using Multiple Instance Learning to find patterns in Immune Receptor Sequences 5. okt. 2021
Bioinformatics: Predicting enhancer-promoter links from cancer transcriptomics data with network science 1. okt. 2021
Bioinformatics: Developing molecular dynamics tools to understand DNA 3D organization 28. sep. 2021
Bioinformatics: Simulating the motion of genes 28. sep. 2021
Bioinformatics: Network analysis of the 3D genome 28. sep. 2021
Bioinformatics: Model the 3D genome of your favorite organism 28. sep. 2021
Develop machine learning methodology/software to tackle distributional shifts between training and deployment domains 24. sep. 2021
Developing a software tool to assess the similarity of simulated data and real-world data for evaluating the performance of machine learning methods. 24. sep. 2021
Developing machine learning methodology/software to better understand how the size of available training data affects prediction performance in real-world settings 24. sep. 2021
Develop improved segmentation algorithms 14. okt. 2020
Develop novel visualisations of genomic rearrangements in cancer 14. okt. 2020
Bioinformatics: Associating gene regulatory networks with 3D genome information 3. feb. 2020
Optimal analysis of microbiome sequencing data in clinical medicine 25. sep. 2018
Detecting transcription regulatory networks in cancer 24. sep. 2018
Clustering cancer omics data with NMF 24. sep. 2018