Pågående og avsluttede masteroppgaver

Tittel Publisert Student(er) Veileder(e)
A machine learning approach for classification of prostate cancer from RNA data 25. sep. 2018
Aiming at heterogeneous parallel computing: To overlap or not to overlap? 20. sep. 2018
Algorithm for droplet digital PCR data classification 26. sep. 2017
Algorithms for large-scale analysis of genomic data 24. mai 2013
Algorithms for rediscovery of cancer mutations in DNA sequencing data from blood plasma 20. sep. 2017
Analysing big simulation data on the fly 20. sep. 2018
Analysis pipeline for genome methylation experiments 2. juli 2018
API for sequence alignment based on effective parallelisation 16. aug. 2013
Automated code generation for simulating cardiac cells 2. nov. 2021
Benchmarking of software for mapping short sequences to a reference genome 16. aug. 2013
Benchmarking of variant calling and mutation detection tools 19. aug. 2013
Benchmarking system for genome assembly and/or variant calling software 25. okt. 2012
Building epigenetic clocks for estimating aging in life after cancer 12. sep. 2019
Building epigenetics clocks for estimating chemical exposures 17. nov. 2021
Compressing short reads from high-throughput DNA sequencing 6. juni 2011
Computational detection of chimeric sequences 28. sep. 2015
Computational prediction of ribosomal RNAs 2. okt. 2014
Contributing to large open-source software libraries 6. juni 2011
Creating a highly dynamic benchmarking system 6. juni 2011
Developing a web application for MirMachine, a miRNA prediction tool 15. okt. 2020
Developing a pipeline for deep analyses of cancer-causing bacterial genes from metagenome data 12. sep. 2019
Developing a pipeline for the analysis of genetic variants of gut microbes 14. okt. 2020
Developing a tool to remove selected organisms from DNA sequencing data 22. okt. 2020
Developing an app that allows researchers to follow the progress of jobs running on a high performance computing facility 16. sep. 2013
Developing benchmarks for genome analysis 4. juni 2013