Available Master´s theses within Computational Science

IFI is responsible for the following two programme options: Bioinformatics og Imaging and Biomedical Computing.

Students may choose between a variety of topics and kinds of Master´s projects. A list of theses from each research groups is provided below.  Please contact relevant supervisors if you would like to discuss individual ideas and define new projects.


The Biomedicial Informatics research group (BMI) focuses on computational and statistical applications in the medical and biological sciences. Combined, the two research areas bioinformatics and statistical genomics cover most of our activities.

Available theses with supervisors from BMI

Imaging and Biomedical Computing

Digital Signal Processing and Image Analysis (DSB) group focues on signal processing, image analysis, and machine learning for applications in medical imaging, sonar, seismics, and remote sensing.

Available theses with supervisors from DSB