Topics in security and privacy

Master Topics  in Security and Privacy

Master Topics in Security and Privacy

The following master topics are related to the IOTSEC and SCOTT projects and are relevant for students at PMA, Concerns, and ITS. Supervisors are Toktam Ramezanifarkhani jointly with Olaf Owe, Josef Noll, Christian Johansen, and Shukun Tokas.

Short description
Measurable security and privacy
The objective is to develop metrics for measuring security and privacy of systems in general and in a specific domain of interest.
Secure communication
Identification, authentication, and trust in smart sensors are the major goals.
Attribute-based policy specification and enforcement
The main aim is to provide context-aware, dynamic and more efficient policy enforcement.
Remote Configuration of Infrastructure
Investigation on how to remotely configure home networks and comply with the specific applications such as security is required.
Mobile Edge Computing
Edge Computing Controllers make decisions about services based on information retrieved from nodes, and we aim to check the privacy issues in such decisions.
Security Library
Providing common library supporting basic and especially lightweight security mechanisms (e.g., encryption, authentication, signing, etc.) for communication with hardware is the objective.

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