Post-Quantum Cryptography: Structural lattices-using structure

Background: Many common cryptographic techniques can be easily broken by quantum computers. Currently, it is still unclear when quantum computers become useable for practical applications. Nevertheless, it is important to research cryptographic algorithms that are resistant to quantum computer computation.

This assignment will address the cryptographical strength of NTRU/RLWE/MLWE-based protocols. This starts with explorations into the basics of NTRU/RLWE/MLWE and considers attacks that might employ the extra structures carried by practical protocols based on problems from lattices. 

One could start with an overview of basic theory and then move on to the algebraic structures used in practice. If it is possible to show that analysis methods can never use this structure, this would be a nice turnout. 

Publisert 22. okt. 2021 08:40 - Sist endret 22. okt. 2021 08:40


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