Available Master´s theses in Informatics: Design, Use and Interaction

Students may choose between a variety of topics and kinds of Master´s projects. A list of theses from each research groups is provided below.  Please contact relevant supervisors if you would like to discuss individual ideas and define new projects.

All theses for Informatics: Design, Use and Interaction.

Design of Information systems (DESIGN)

Information systems influence how we do things, both as individuals and as a society. Knowing how IT is used in practice and which effects an IT solution has on individuals and society gives a good basis for designing alternative, improved IT solutions.

Available theses with supervisors from DESIGN

Information Systems (IS)

The Information Systems (IS) research group analyzes the relationships between digital platforms, global public health and broader development processes through interventionist, action research methods, what we call Digital Platforms for Development (P4D).

Available theses with supervisors from IS

Regenerative Technologies

The Regenerative Technologies research group works with an understanding of sustainability as regenerative. In the context of the present imperative for sustainability, the concept of regeneration implies that human activity – including the design, production, and use of technology – must not only respect the limits of our biosphere but also contribute to the social and environmental systems that provide the basis for human welfare and progress.

Available theses with supervisors from RT

Digital Innovation (DIN)

The research group aims at producing and disseminating new knowledge on digital transformation and its consequences for individuals, organizations, and societies. In so doing, a foundational component for our research is ‘engaged scholarship’ aiming at contributing to both academic research as well as solving problems for users and IT professionals.

Available theses with supervisors from DIN