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Open Access search engine

Through Open Access, the availability of free scholarly articles on the web is increasing.

However, when searching for articles, through Google Scholar or some other search tool, one may find the article, but the article may not be available for direct download. Instead, download of the PDF may require payment, registration, etc.

Open Acces

The idea behind this project is to create a search engine (in the form of a search plugin to the Drupal WCMS) that allows scholars to search for an alternate versions of an unavailable scholarly article.

The alternate version may be a self-archived green OA version, a draft, or some other legitimate alternative source of the text of the article.  When pointing to an alternate version, the tool should, if possible, provide information about the relation between the alternate version and the version of record.

Featurelist (suggestions):

  • Possible to register infinite number of multiple alternatives ("voting" to identify best alternative version).
  • "Caching" of alternative version (to be available in case of 404 errors).
  • Search by title, author, keywords, DOI, URL to version of record.
  • Email author option (to request that a green OA is made available).
  • "Wishlist" (registered users may "subscribe" on articles that could not be located, and be notfied by email when they appear)
  • Feed API, to allow automatic feeds from green OA repos.
  • Author submission channel, to allow authors to submit links to own OA articles.
  • QA. There should be a clear defintion of what is an "scholarly article" to keep out predatory publishers and spam.
  • Linkcheck, to automatically identify permanent 403 and 404 errors.

Underlying the whole project is the idea that the project should be open, open source, and invite crowdsourcing of both content and QA,

Part of the inspiration of this project is from Open Access button and ArXiv.org. Open Access button is a student project Medsin in the UK.  I think the idea is great, the project web page even greater, but the actual UX is currently not (IMHO) up to snuff. ArXiv.org is a crowdsouced repo for scholarly articles run by the Cornell University Library. IMHO, it is another great idea that suffers from poor execution (in this case lack of any form of QA).

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