Realstuff GO!

The project is to create a game framework where players can “hunt” for stuff in the real world using a smartphone to photograph their prey and upload it to a server to be graded by peers (or by an expert).

This project is inspired by Pokémon GO! – an augmented reality game where players “hunt” virtual pocket-monsters located in the real world, with some touches of Foursquare – a mobile discovery service for physical locations. I.e., in Realstuff GO!, the objective is to “hunt” real things in the real world.

However, the master thesis project is not only to create a particular game, but a framework that allows a game-master to create a quest based on some specific interest. Examples of quests can be hunts for famous landmarks, flowers, mushrooms, architecture, animals, etc. A quest can be just for fun, or educational. An example of an educational quest could be: “Capture” 20 different local wild flowers and classify them correctly within 1 week.

The project requires the creation of two pieces of software: 1) a mobile app that can be used to “capture” the stuff by taking a photograph of it and uploading it to a game server; and 2) a game server where images of “captured” stuff can be uploaded to be graded, and where players can view leaderboards and display their badges.

Quests can either be graded by an expert (i.e. the game-master that has created the specific quest), or by peer-review (players grading each other).

The framework use gamification, both to motivate people to play, and to motivate other required actions, such as peer review.

This project is probably best suited for two students, where one is working on the mobile app, and the other on the game server.

Emneord: gamication, mobile application, Education
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