Semantic Enrichment for Titan

Semantic Enrichment is augmenting content on the world wide web with real world semantics in order to categorize and classify data in relation to each other, to dictionaries, and other reference sources.

Titan is the news outlet for the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences at the University. In order to improve discoverability of the site through search (SEO), semantic enrichment should be added to Titan.

In 2016, SEO is a major industry and it is open undertaken by SEO experts that assists information architects in defining and adding “rich snippets”, “canonical URLs” and other “lower case” semantic enhancement features to company websites.

Most of content on Titan is authored by two editors and around thirty more loosely affiliated contributors and bloggers. None of Titan's author's are familiar with the the use of semantic attributes (aka. metatags). As Titan is a news outlet with several new stories every day, hiring SEO experts to do semantic enrichment is not feasible. This means that the tools for semantic enrichment that exists on Titan must be usable by non-experts.

In this project the general idea is ti leverage on user centered design to create a tool that motivate non-expert users to add meaningful metatags to the site.

Titan is built on the Drupal WCMS. There already exists a major Drupal Metatag project (> 300K installs) and alternative project named Meta tags quick (> 30K installs), and these existing projects may be deployed to add semantic enrichment to Titan. However, in a UiO master thesis completed in august 2016 one of the findings was that the user interface provided by the Metatag project as it currently exists was not well suited for the non-expert users of Titan. A redesign-project was started, but this proved to be a major undertaking and the redesign is not yet completed.

This master thesis project shall continue where the previous one left of, working with users and continue with the redesign of the metatag software with teh goal of producing a tool that provides a good UX for author's that want to semantically enhance the content they create for Titan.


Emneord: semantic web, semantic technologies, information architecture
Publisert 14. aug. 2018 10:08 - Sist endret 14. aug. 2018 10:08


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