The challenges with using single or multiple digital learning environments, in Higher Education, that are not universally designed - a case at University of Oslo

From the Autumn 2018, Canvas [1] will be introduced as the main DLE at University of Oslo. This implies that more students and teachers will have to use the online platform for teaching and learning purposes. Canvas is only one amongst several digital systems in use (e.g. StudentWeb, Inspera, Delivry, Fronter etc.)

Further, a universal design regulation came into force as of January, 1st, 2018. The regulation says that the existent digital learning environments that are to be used in Higher Education have to be universally designed by January, 1st, 2021, whereas the new solutions had to be universally designed as of January, 1st, 2019. [2], [3].

What are the challenges with using single or multiple digital learning environments, in Higher Education, that are not universally designed?

During Spring 2018, we have conducted both a workshop with students and multiple expert interviews regarding these topics.

We wish to invite now one or several self-motivated students that have interest in digitalization of learning environments, and/or Universal Design, to conduct workshops with students at University of Oslo (at IfI or outside), and/or interviews in order to understand further the remaining challenges for the implementation of the UD in these platforms.

Specifically, one could choose to focus on one of the platforms (e.g. Canvas, or Inspera), and explore that, or benchmark the challenges of using multiple platforms (e.g. multiple logins etc.).

The student will choose together with the advisors the exact problem area.

This work will be part of UDFeed project.

Recommended courses:

  • Interaction Design (INF2260 / INF4060) – Basics in interaction design, including methods and ways of designing your research
  • Participatory Design (INF5722) – for understanding the user
  • Design of Interactive websites (INF5270) - for a practical approach
  • Computer Supportive Cooperative Work (INF5200)


Interest or background in pedgaogics is an advantage, but not a requirement. Here are some courses that can be taken at the Educational Department:


  • Technology-enhanced learning: Principles and tools (PED4540)


  • Learning, technology and work: (PED4440)



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Emneord: feedback, universal design, pedagogics, learning, learning platforms
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