Waste-to-Value (WTV) project seeks two to three master students interested in sustainability.

The master thesis that are available will be presented by Oracle's cheef architect, Naci Akkøk, and he will be also co-supervisor on all master thesis within the project. Internal supervision is to be provided by Alma Culén and Maja van der Velden.


Efficient utilization of resources is good for the economy. The term “circular economy” (CE) is an extended view of what “resources” exist of, also in waste, and how they can be reused, re-cycled and exploited in the best possible way.

Thesis will focus on helping with main objectives of the Waste-to-Value project:

-develop a method for identifying and ranking major or valuable resource streams as a basis for assessing their suitability / applicability as secondary raw materials. This will be done by identifying and ranking resource streams based on parameters such as a) availability and volume, b) purity / material quality, c) environmental impact, d) value creation potential, e) community benefit and f) geographical location/logistics.

-conceptualize and develop a service

-partly as a support to the above mentioned objectives and partly as a separate task, the project will evaluate the possibility of using "Big Data" and "Artificial Intelligence (AI)" as a "matchmaking tool" by collecting, analyzing and structuring data of resource-streams available from the internet. The term "matchmaking" is used to describe opportunities to increase recycling/reuse between producers and users of waste/resource streams, as shown in the figure below.   

Emneord: circular economy, waste, sustainability, value-based design
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