Sustainability & Design

Sist endret 4. nov. 2019 18:27 av Maja Van Der Velden

The increasing climate and biodiversity crises and their implications are still not properly understood and acted upon in all the necessary political and social arenas. There is a need to create spaces in which discourses about sustainability and transitions to other forms of socioeconomic development can be researched. Design is one of the arenas in which sustainability is addressed. Activities range from more sustainable product design, more sustainable services, to Transition Design, which calls for a radical transformation of the role of design for more sustainable futures. The Sustainability & Design Lab aims to contribute to the transition towards sustainable futures through a focus on the role of design in the sustainability of artefacts and the practices that they shape.

Sist endret 25. sep. 2019 09:49 av Maja Van Der Velden