Android based eHealth applications with BiTalino sensors

BiTalino ( is a low cost sensor kit to prototype applications using physiological signals related to heart rate, brain activity, oxygen level in blood etc.

We are aiming to use these sensors to implement applications to monitor sleep and breathing related illnesses, like Obstructive Sleep Apnoe (OSA). OSA can lead not only to sleepiness during day time which causes many traffic accidents, but also serious illnesses like diabetes and cardiac disfunctions. It is estimated that about 25% of the adult population in Norway has OSA, but only 10% of them are diagnosed. One major problem is that the main approach to diagnose OSA is polysomnigraphy in ”sleep laboraties”. This is very expensive and there is not enough capacity to perform sufficient tests with patients. We aim to contribute to this situation with a low-cost Android and BiTalino based system to enable anybody to do monitoring at home in a minimal invasive approach.


In  this context we offer several MSc. Theses which all have an interdisciplinary approach to bridge medical diagnosis and research with computing and the Internet of Things.


Important keywords for these theses: android programming, health sensors, data analytics and data ming, Complex Event Processing, data management.

Publisert 21. okt. 2015 18:02

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