Extending the range of Bluetooth LE for reliable wireless monitoring of physiological signals

In the Cesar project we are using several different technologies to monitor sleep of individuals at home with smartphones that are connected via Bluetooth LE to on body sensors, like the Flow sensor from Sweetzpot (https://www.sweetzpot.com/flow). It has turned out that during overnight monitoring the connection between smartphone and sensor gets broken. One reason for the connection loss is that the human body is in between the sensor and the smart phone. During the period without connectivity data gets lost. To enable reliable sleep monitoring we aim to investigate in the thesis the use of Bluetooth LE repeaters and other technologies.


Useful knowledge:

  • Java
  • Android
  • Bluetooth
Publisert 25. sep. 2018 13:26 - Sist endret 25. sep. 2018 13:28

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