Simulation of Complex Event Processing Operators

Complex Event Processing (CEP) is a technology where potentially endless streams (unbounded) of events are matched against queries on a server. If a pattern is matched, a complex event is created and sent to any subscribers of this event. These queries resemble database queries used in relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, but differ in that event streams are unbounded. A challenge with unbounded streams is that queries cannot process all events at once but must divide the incoming events into windows and continually process the query. 

This thesis will consist of extending a distributed CEP simulator with aggregation database operators, e.g., the average, median, maximum, minimum and custom aggregation operators. These operators can be used with arbitrary window sizes and any number of events. 

Experience with C/C++ and databases is recommended.

Publisert 1. apr. 2019 14:16 - Sist endret 1. apr. 2019 14:16

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