Teaching configuration of a software platform

The DHIS2 software is built at UiO and used in 100 countries, mainly for health information. Configuring systems and developing the software requires specialised competence, therefore the DHIS2 community organises many one-week training events called DHIS2 Academies

Many Academy participants struggle with configuring patient information systems. This is not surprising, since it entails a complicated database design within the restrictions given by the concepts of the DHIS2 software platform, the latter being illustrated in the data model below. 

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To improve the teaching, we would need to know what course participants master, where they fail and if they possibly could learn more in the given time for the Academy. As a first step in the master thesis, you can go through the course yourself. Thereafter, you can study assignments submitted by the academy students to obtain an overview of their achievements and inadequate understanding. Interviewing participants and Academy teachers would also be possible, You can also suggest changes in the course, and if the course teachers judge these as promising, we can test these changes. 

Having experience in teaching informatics as a mentor at Ifi or otherwise will be a great advantage for this thesis. 

The thesis fits a pair of students working together.

You should take for courses IN5330 – Health Management Information Systems and INF3280 – Development of IT-competence in Organisations.

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