Discovering and classifying user-user relationships from communication

Microsoft Development Center Norway (MDCN) is located in Oslo, Trondheim, Tromsø, and develops core technologies, products and services in Microsoft Office that are used by hundreds of millions of users every day. This topic will be carried out in close cooperation with Microsoft and MDCN employees.

Office provides several communication tools where users interact with each other: E.g., people send email to each other using Outlook, they chat and collaborate and call each other in Teams, or they share or co-author Word documents with each other. Based on these interaction patterns and an analysis of what they communicate about, it is of interest to be able to classify the relationships between two given users: E.g., are they strangers? Close colleagues? Distant acquaintances? Personal friends? The possible relationship classes aren’t necessarily well-defined or disjoint and might have to be discovered and named as part of the thesis work.

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