Extracting tidbits from communication to contextualize a person

Microsoft Development Center Norway (MDCN) is located in Oslo, Trondheim, Tromsø, and develops core technologies, products and services in Microsoft Office that are used by hundreds of millions of users every day. This topic will be carried out in close cooperation with Microsoft and MDCN employees.

This thesis explores how to extract and structure relevant nuggets of structured information from unstructured text that can be used to contextualize a person and help trigger relevant follow-ups. For example, if you send me an email about an upcoming work-trip to Redmond and mention that you are traveling to Vancouver the weekend after to attend a U2 concert, we should be able to extract (a) that you are in Vancouver that weekend, and (b) that you like U2. This information can later on be used to contextualize you for me in later communications, e.g., when we chat on Teams the week after I can be somehow reminded to ask you how the concert was.

Publisert 19. okt. 2018 14:09 - Sist endret 29. okt. 2018 11:10


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