CMOS building blocks for energy-efficient miniaturized human presence detection sensors

This project includes several possible M.Sc projects and can be adapted to fit interests and competence of students. The overall background for the project is an existing CMOS radar sensor platform where the goal is to evaluate existing circuit components and investigate possible new implementations that can improve performance and / or energy efficiency.  Potential projects can can include RF front-end components, high-speed samplers, data-converters, but also algorithm development.

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Miniaturized radar sensor for robust human presence detection

The picture above shows a fully self-contained radar sensor for robust human presence detection. The sensor is based on a complex CMOS radar sensor IC containing all necessary functions for the system to operate:

1. RF front-end components (LNA, Filters, etc)

2. High-speed sampling ADC

3. Power management 

4. Clock-generation and oscillators

5. Processing and memory


The goal and scope for M.Sc. projects related to this system is to evaluate current implementations and investigate possible new alternative solutions that can further reduce power consumption (still maintaining similar performance) or improve performance. Example projects could be:

1. Design, fabrication and characterization of 27 MHz micropower crystal oscillator

2. UWB LNA and down-conversion mixer for 6.0 - 8.5 GHz band

3. On-chip CMOS LDO


If some of these topics seems interesting, contact Dag T. Wisland (, and we can set up a dedicated meeting to discuss possible projects in detail. 

Relevant background for projects can be found here:




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