Pågående og avsluttede masteroppgaver

Tittel Publisert Student(er) Veileder(e)
Design and Implementation of Distributed Spatial Data Structures 27. sep. 2012
802.11n for ns-2 14. mars 2011
A Demonstration Scenario for the NorNet Resilient Network Testbed 19. sep. 2012
A Linux implementation of and tests with spurious loss event detection with the ECN Nonce 14. mars 2011
A Linux implementation of MulTFRC for DCCP 14. mars 2011
A New Standard API for the Internet 22. okt. 2018
A queue flusher 20. aug. 2013
A TCP (or QUIC) proxy for interactive vs. non-interactive traffic 18. okt. 2021
A Tool for Improving Email Reliability using Delivery Status Notifications 14. mars 2011
Active Queue Management (AQM) strategies for the access links 11. sep. 2013
AliceVision: Better mixed reality through depth estimation on ML 21. aug. 2020
AliceVision: GPU programming for real-time depth estimation 14. sep. 2020
An implementation of TCP ACK congestion control 14. mars 2011
Analyzing the performance of lease-based systems 14. mars 2011
AR/VR: Rendering partially occluded virtual objects in real-time 14. sep. 2020
Bagadus - a panorama video system for sport analysis 28. juni 2016
Big Weather Data Storage and Output Analysis and Prediction 14. sep. 2016
Build a Twitter Data Collector 3. apr. 2019
Building Reliable Overlays for Decentralized Topic-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems 19. okt. 2011
Comparison of object-location strategies for collaborative Wikipedia hosting 7. sep. 2011
Concurrent Multipath Transfer for the Linux Kernel SCTP 19. sep. 2012
Consistency protocol for decentralized data replication in collaborative Wikipedia Hosting 7. sep. 2011
Data visualization for Mobile Broadband Network Measurement 5. okt. 2012
Decentralized leases for Web-cache consistency 7. sep. 2011
Delay-gradient TCP congestion control mechanisms for Linux kernel 2. okt. 2012
Distributed lifetime management and monitoring system for an embedded distributed computing platform 5. okt. 2012
Dynamic Business Processes Management for Android Devices 24. okt. 2013
Dynamic software deployment between clouds and mobile devices 29. sep. 2012
Effect of churn on a collaborative hosting system for Wikipedia 7. sep. 2011
Efficient Storage of Big Weather Data for Renewable Power Production Prediction 10. okt. 2014
Evaluation of Shared Bottleneck Detection for CMT-SCTP in the NorNet Testbed 16. aug. 2012
Exploiting pseudonym systems for privacy-preserving decentralized social networks 27. sep. 2012
Fast cooperative message synchronization 14. mars 2011
Fast Recovery for IP Multicast 14. mars 2011
Faster Slow Start for TCP 14. mars 2011
Geolocation-aware collaborative Wikipedia hosting 7. sep. 2011
GreenCharge: Collaborative electrical vehicle charging in cities 29. sep. 2017
Implementation and Evaluation of Pub/Sub overlays for P2P Social Networks 25. sep. 2012
Implementation of 802.11 rate-adaptation mechanisms in ns-2 14. mars 2011
Improvement of the Linux SCTP API 19. sep. 2012
Improving grid-based simulation tool for swarm behavior 29. sep. 2012
Internetworking Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks with the Internet 14. mars 2011
Internetworking Wireless Sensor Networks with the Internet 14. mars 2011
Job allocation (virtualization) in large-scale (100 cores) multicore chips 3. juni 2011
Knowledge management in self-adaptive systems 29. sep. 2012
Long-range RDMA over PCIe 24. sep. 2013
Machine Learning for EV Power Demand Prediction 28. sep. 2018
  • Frank Eliassen,
  • Mohsen Vatani (IFE),
  • Jonathan Fagerström (IFE),
  • Kari Espegren (IFE)
Make Fake News Visible 3. apr. 2019
Mapping packet loss: Who is the real culprit? 4. okt. 2012
MPI over PCI Express 31. aug. 2018
Optimisation of Acknowledgements Handling for CMT-SCTP 19. sep. 2012
Power Efficiency: Parallella vs. GPU 5. sep. 2015
Privacy-preserving lookup service in social networks 21. okt. 2011
Replication policies for multimedia files in collaborative Wikipedia hosting 7. sep. 2011
RoCE over PCI Express 15. sep. 2015
Routing in next generation networks-on-chip (many core chips) 3. juni 2011
  • Frank Olaf Sem-Jacobsen,
  • Samuel Rodrigo
Scalable overlays for pub-sub communication 14. mars 2011
Software Control Architecture for Smart Energy Mini-Grids 15. okt. 2018
Supporting Aspects in a Planning-based Adaptation Middleware 14. mars 2011
Supporting WS-Eventing capabilities on resource-constrained devices using the DPWS standards 24. okt. 2013
Switching between synchronised video files in the cloud 18. sep. 2014
TCP-in-UDP 22. aug. 2013
Timer-based TCP (TBTCP) 18. okt. 2021
Traffic Flow Prediction with Deep Learning 21. sep. 2018
TV white spaces Geo-location database 14. mars 2011
TV White Spaces Geo-location Database ¿Changing the future of wireless communication¿ 14. mars 2011
Understanding Internet protocol design decisions: can we use ML? 23. okt. 2018
Understanding network performance bottlenecks 24. sep. 2013
Using Memo Functions in Planning-based Adaptation Middleware 14. mars 2011
Using ML to guess when a packet will be lost 18. okt. 2021
Various MSc thesis topics in Middleware for self-adaptive software systems 14. mars 2011
Video streaming: Does TCP live streaming hold any advantage over UDP live streaming? 14. sep. 2020
Video streaming: Wireless tiled streaming in dense places 14. sep. 2020
Wind-driven Clouds 12. sep. 2016