pmSys - a sport athlete monitoring system

In this master project, we aim to further develop pmSys. This is a system used to monitor load, wellness and injuries of athletes - both to improve performance and to avoid overuse injuries. Information is collected using mobile phone apps and it is stored and processed in the cloud and visualised in a coach-page. There are many different components involved where there are large potentials for improvements. Thus, there are many opportunities for an interesting master topic, both for single students and groups.

pmSys is already operational and in use by the National Soccer teams (A and U21) and some Norwegian elite division teams. There are many components already, like a backend running a database in the cloud, mobile apps for data collection and a visualisation page for coaches to view an athlete's or a team's development. There are still, however, several possible projects that can be performed to improve the system. Some examples include:

  • replace backend system (currently Ohmage is used, but we want to explore alternatives)
  • integrate other devices like puls watches, step counters, jumping boards, etc for more objective data
  • data processing where the system learns and suggest actions based on possible injuries or performance degradations based on trends in the data (e.g. using machine learning) 
  • more intuitive ways to input data
  • etc.


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