Big Data Analytics for PV Power Generation Precise Predication

Goal: Precise predication of PV power generation based on big data analytics

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What will I do?

  • Collect meteorology data
  • Collect real-time PV power generation data
  • Build a Hadoop-based distributed cluster for data storage and processing
  • Big data analytics of both real-time and history data
  • Build algorithms and models to predict the PV production at different sites
  • Develop algorithms and models for real PV power distribution based on the power demand from users
  • Develop visualization program for easy understanding

Learning outcome:

  • Understand state-of-the-art data acquisition and filtering solutions
  • Develop skills with MapReduce programming model
  • Learn information retrieval techniques like indexing, clustering, classification etc.
  • Develop big data programming, analytics, and algorithms design
  • Understand the relationship between a wide range of weather data and PV production data
  • Learn algorithms design for PV systems and users demand


  • Programming experience
  • Algorithm design experience
  • Some knowledge of material science and/or electronics is a benefit, but not strictly required
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