Carbon friendly blockchain

What is the most carbon friendly blockchain? Develop a methodology to assess the carbon footprint of different blockchain technologies and determine which one fares best.

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Blockchain technology is not known for its carbon friendly footprint. The popular proof-of-work consensus that has helped propel Bitcoin and Ethereum into the limelight is the culprit. Mind-numbing comparisons of the Bitcoin network to entire economies in terms of energy use and carbon emissions are often drawn. How accurate are these assessments? Are they based on verifiable and repeatable calculations?

This thesis will develop an analysis framework to allow for a verifiable and repeatable analysis of the carbon footprint of blockchain technologies. Further, this thesis will aim to compare different blockchain technologies according to the carbon footprint.

Qualification: The ideal candidate has interdisciplinary knowledge as may be acquired in curricula emphasising sustainability, energy informatics and related disciplines.

Publisert 22. okt. 2021 17:18 - Sist endret 22. okt. 2021 17:18

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