Fast structure recognition in point clouds

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Point clouds are an up-and-coming approach for coding 3D scenes. They can be  created from laser scanners or from finding matching points in several frames recorded by a camera.

While some people consider meshes created from such point clouds still point clouds, this is not correct in the strict sense. For all point clouds taken directly from a recording of the real world, there are too many inaccuracies to seriously do this.

Instead, we want to pursue another idea in this thesis, which works roughly as follows:

  • Randomly define a flat plane that intersects the point cloud
  • Project all point cloud points into this plane, with the closest point defining the result. The plane encodes heights, not colours.
  • Smooth the plane and compute the gradients in the plane.
  • Try to identify regions in the plane that may represent geometric objects such as planes, cylinders or balls
  • Repeat until you have an understanding of the space

It is recommended to use CUDA for programming done in this thesis.

Publisert 30. sep. 2019 10:06 - Sist endret 30. sep. 2019 10:06


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