How not to walk into walls

Bildet kan inneholde: opptreden, scene, begivenhet.

VR in real spaces. Experiencing VR worlds sitting in a chair and moving by mouse or guesture can be very restrictive. For people with a good sense of balance and understand of their physical presence in space, this can be very disturbing and lead to VR sickness even without temporal skew.

Consequently, it is more desirable to use one’s full body for experience and interaction. The treadmill allows this to some extent, but it is extremely expensive. A poor man’s solution is real movement in real spaces. Unfortunately, such real spaces are limited in size.

In a set of theses, we want to explore ideas for overcoming this limitation:

  • conscious use of scrolling areas that are indicated by visual or tactile clues
  • unconscious use of rotating VR spaces
  • unconscious use of attention-grabs for VR space rotation
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