The portal

Imagine you could look around in the remote space during a telco. Head tracking and 360 cameras can make it possible.

Today, telcos are cheap affairs, with simple cameras showing mostly faces of your communication partner. Telco software uses depth recognition, but only to center the focus even more on faces.

In many situations, that’s for the best - you just don’t want the remote party to snoop in your home. In other situations, you might want the stronger presence. The remote partner should be able to look around without carrying the laptop or mobile phone around on the other’s behalf.

The portal is meant to enable looking around on the remote side as if looking through a closed window. We arrange a number of wide-angle camera pairs around the screen to make it possible.

This set of theses is meant to study:

  • use face tracking to determine how the viewer looks into the portal
  • use ideas from stereoscopic coding to create interpolated views of the remote side, restricting rendering to the flat window view
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