Monitoring and Analytics for 5G Networks

The 5th Generation of cellular systems (5G) is about to be on the market. Nowadays, 5G testbeds are being developed all over the world, in order to test 5G in real scenarios and use cases, aiming to pinpoint possible issues and moving forward enhancements and optimization.

Embedding a complete Monitoring and Analytics (M&A) framework is key for the design and implementation of 5G. As regards Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring (IM) focuses on the collection of data on the status of architectural components, while Performance Monitoring (PM) is devoted to the collection of end-to-end (E2E) performance indicators, in order to highlight end-users’ Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE). Considering Analytics, traditional statistical approaches are being complemented by Machine Learning (ML)-based schemes, that better cope with the exponential growth of collectable data. Analytics based on ML and big data enables efficient management of large sets of heterogeneous data, and drives the discovery of hidden values and correlation among them. The instantiation of a high-performing M&A framework is key from a user performance perspective, but also extremely valuable from the point of view of operators, in order to reduce operational costs (OPEX), and be able to comply with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Being part of 5GENESIS, a large EU Project on 5G experimental validation and showcasing, we have a unique chance to get involved in the ongoing 5G experimentation. In particular, the goal is to contribute to the definition of Monitoring tools and Machine Learning-oriented Analytics, which would allow to assess 5G performance, pinpoint correlations between infrastructure and performance indicators, and perform anomaly detection and prediction towards further system optimization.

Learning outcome

Deep knowledge of cellular technologies (4G, 5G), practical experience with real experimentation testbeds, ML-oriented Analytics.


Foundations of cellular communications, knowledge of machine learning and big data tools, Python programming.

Emneord: Machine Learning, Network, 5G, data analysis
Publisert 11. sep. 2020 08:50 - Sist endret 11. sep. 2020 08:50

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