Motify: Delivery of Rich Social Notifications with Spotify

Spotify is well-known in Scandinavia and worldwide as a successful peer-assisted music-streaming service that endows many million users with an access to many million tracks. 

However, in addition to this main functionality, Spotify provides an engaging feature that facilitates sharing and following of various music activities among its users in real time. For example, when your friend starts listening to a song, you may receive a notification that invites you to listen to this song as well. The volume of such notifications at Spotify is quite staggering: There are billions of notifications worth of 2TB sent and received every day to over 10 millions of users who are using the service on a daily basis. In the past, we published an analysis of social notifications at Spotify in [1].

However, there are a lot of interesting challenges related to delivery of social notifications, e.g.

- Which of the many notifications of interest to send to the user?
- What information should be included in the notifications?

The idea for a master thesis is to develop an Android app for delivery of social notifications, using our proposed methodology. It is also possible to develop a user survey that explores to what extent the delivered notifications and their content/presentation satisfy the user.



[1] Vinay Setty, Gunnar Kreitz, Roman Vitenberg, Maarten van Steen, Guido Urdaneta, Staffan Gimåker: The hidden pub/sub of Spotify. DEBS 2013

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