Multipath routing

The main topic of this thesis is to research how multiple paths can be exploited inside the network.  Multipath TCP is just utilizing end to end multiple paths, and it is not obvious that this has many advantages. Also Multipath TCP has been the target of a lot of research.   However, utilizing multiple paths within the network has not been that heavily investigated.  Challenges and topics to look into include:
– When is it OK for packets to arrive out of order ?
– What can and should TCP do with such packets?
– How can we exploit that there will be different delays on different paths
– How can we exploit that there will be different capacities on different paths
– Can we even do dynamic load balancing ?
– How can the application signal to the network layer that it wants to exploit different paths
– What information should be revealed to the application from the network and end--to-end layer ?
– How should these two last points be implemented in a Transport Services interface (TAPS)
The thesis should review existing methods and mechanisms
 and implement and evaluate the results by simulations.
Emneord: routing, multipath
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