UAV-Vessel Coordination Prototype Development and Test

UAV-Vessel Coordination


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) has become a very important and powerful tool in performing risky and challenging tasks. UAV work on its own without any interaction and communication with the operator.   Some typical applications include the exploration of isolated arctic areas, tunnel, industrial factories, and map building.

In this thesis, we will develop a system for mission-oriented UAV coordinating with vessel. There is a potential to use this kind of system for various of vessel related applications, e.g., incident detection and maneuvering assist. In this scenario, distributed communications and control of UAV is highly demanded for vessel coordination systems.


To develop and test prototype for UAV-Vessel communications and coordination


What will I do?

  • Design and implement a distributed system for UAV–Vessel coordination
  • Develop new algorithms/models for UAV to coordinate with vessel for accurate vessel tracking
  • Develop prototype and test the developed algorithms in real UAV and vessel system




Yan Zhang, IFI, University of Oslo, Norway. Email:

Xifeng Wen, Fugro Norway AS, Norway. Email:  

Josef Noll, University of Oslo, Norway. Email:


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