An Experimental Analysis of the Near-Far Cloud concept using Emerald running on Planetlab

Emerald is an object-oriented language designed for distributed computing.

It allows easy programming of distributed, fault-tolerant applications.

Cloud Computing is becoming a predominant way of hosting distributed applicaitons.

Cloud Computing has some disadvantages, specifically there can be significant latency problems, which cannot be overcome due to the slow speed of light, which places a lower limit on the mininal latency.

Near-Far Cloud is about moving objects and computation closer to the edge – OR further into the Cloud.

Closer to the edge gives lower latency, further into the Cloud gives cheaper computing, more storage, and more powerful computing.

This project is about doing an empirical study of the Near-Far concept using Planetlab.

Planetlab is an experimental testbed consisting of about 1,200 computers worldwide.

Experiments can easily be done using Emerald running on PlanetLab.


Publisert 9. okt. 2014 09:44


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