Combined modelling and programming

Are modelling languages to become executable? Are programming languages to become useful for modelling?  Or should we rather opt for a combined language?    

Such a language must be designed so that it supports mechanisms in modelling just as well as it supports programming.    

The thesis shall investigate which modelling mechanisms may become part of a combined language, and which do not belong in an executable language.     Instead of making a complete new language, the thesis extends e.g. Java, Scala or C# (or whatever language you prefer) with the identified modelling mechanisms, with respect to both design and in implementation. In addition the extension have to be validated on examples.    

The thesis may be based upon theses that have done this for associations and state machines. It may also be done based upon a case from SuperOffice.

Publisert 9. okt. 2014 14:25 - Sist endret 9. okt. 2014 14:25

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