MS Topics in Knowledge Federation

The task of knowledge federation is to make knowledge, information and information technology more useful to humans by developing new ways in which information is created, organized and shared. Think of it as algorithm design or as technological innovation on a very high level, where ‘discoveries’ are new ways in which science, journalism, education, governance and other basic institutions might operate.

Knowledge federation is an exciting new field to work in. It is developing fast, and we need good people. So if you may be interested in growing with a new field, or in applying your programming and/or other skills toward creating a better world, through better use of knowledge, we can formulate a MS project that suits your talent and interests. Our MS theses may or may not involve programming. Here are some examples:

  • Domain Map is a tool which a scientific discipline or any other community may use to organize its knowledge. The task is to create a simple prototype.
  • Collaborology is a university course model, a redesign of the way education operates. By studying and describing this model, and perhaps developing it further, you may learn and explain on a concrete example how information technology can be applied to recreate basic institutions.
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