ABS modeling language case studies

The ABS language (``abstract behavioral specification language'')
is an executable, high-level, object-oriented concurrent modelling language
being developed within the European project Hats. The intended
target area of the language is the modelling and analysis of evolving,
updatable, and long-lived systems. In collaboratation with various European
partners, the PMA group is developing a ``language infrastructure''
(compiler, Eclipse front-end, various back-ends, ...).


To validate (and also drive further) the language develepment, case studies
are in need, i.e., to using Abs to model and analysis the behavior of
software systems. Students interested in modeling and describing system
behavior can contact PMA for proposals. It is also welcome, to come up with
a proposal for case study work, in particular if the candidate has already
experience and insight into a real-life piece of software. The case study
should contain elements of distribution and concurrency, as typical, for
instance, from the areas of web-services or communication software.


Computer Science

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