Automating Privacy Agreements

This is a general topic regarding Privacy Agreements and their semantics. Here the student can choose various topics to focus on, depending on the interest, which we find out together through discussions.

One can do various kinds of MSc theses, starting from just programming a simple tool related to Privacy Agreements (aka. Terms of Services or ToS) from online services , or a literature study, or doing modelling of real electronic legal contracts, e.g. the ToS from Amazon, or using existing tools for NLP or CNL, or doing mathematical work on the logical foundations of all these tools and techniques.

Ask for discussions with one of the supervisors, for more information or variations of the project. See also general concerns.

Machine learning for Privacy Agreements

Apply machine learning (AI) technologies to automatically extract different features from privacy agreements (or Terms of Services, ToS).

Logics for Contracts

Extend and improve the existing logics of contracts. This topic involves work within logics of contracts. Still the logics for contracts are in incipient forms. One needs to extend the existing ones. There are various directions here and possibilities for stays abroad at Chalmers Uni.

See project link.

Human aspects of Privacy Agreements

Investigate various social, psychological, or behavioural aspects related to reading, understanding, and accepting Privacy Agreements online. This topic would involve also other people as supervisors, who have more background on the respective areas.

Reading privacy agreements automatically

This project involves natural language processing. The ultimate goal is to translate a legal contract written in plain natural language into a contracts logic. This is rather difficult and therefore one may start with translating legal contracts written in a restricted form of natural language. This project involves the use of the latest theories in natural language processing, and implementing these for a specific form of constraint language dedicated for legal contracts.

See project link.

Check Properties of Legal Electronic Contracts

This projects involves the implementation of a model checking tool for legal electronic contracts expressed in some contract logic. Alternatively, you may use an existing model checking tool and logic to model legal contracts and to check properties on them.

See project link.

Tags: legal contracts, model checking, Natural Language Processing, NLP, restricted English, Computational Linguistics, Logics, theoretical foundations, Mathematics
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