Topics in Theoretical Computer Science

This gathers various interesting topics which require a more mathematical mind and are usually more challenging. Such topics deal with fundamental aspects of computer science, like logics, semantic models, algorithms, process algebras. Here the student can choose various topics to focus on, depending on the interest, which we find out together through discussions.

One can do various kinds of MSc theses, starting from contributing with programming a simple module for some existing formal tool, like model checker, or a literature study, or doing modelling of real-life systems, or develop a concurrent programming/modelling language, or doing mathematical work on the logical or theoretical foundations.

Ask for discussions with one of the supervisors, for more information or variations of the project. See also general concerns.

Working with logics of knowledge, belief, and communications

This topic the interesting area of logics for modeling the knowledge of agents or their beliefs, and how the act of communicating some new information changes their knowledge or beliefs. There are many open research problems as well as practical applications scenarios to be investigated. Since the community of smart agents is growing very big, with many real-life case studies, there is need for tools like model checkers. Here is where implementation skills are needed.

See project link.

SOS for Distributed OO Programming and the Rewriting Logic

This project involves understanding Rewriting Logic and the Isabelle tool (proof assistant). The master project would involve surveying literature and working on concrete semantics of programming languages. One would work on redefining semantics written in the Rewriting Logic style into the SOS style. Various related issues can be investigated along the way.

See project link.

Compositional Reasoning using Rule Formats and their Logics

This topic involves work with rule formats and modal logics to achieve compositional reasoning about systems. The project will involve investigation of the existing work on this issue. Possible extensions of these works will then constitute the novelty of the master project.

See project link.

Extending Rule Formats for communicating processes and distributed systems

This topic would investigate Rule Formats. These are useful in giving structural operational semantics, which, in turn, are used in many aspects, like in semantics of programming languages, or semantics of modeling and specification languages for various kinds of systems.

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Working with logics for Bigraphs

This topic would investigate the few existing logics for the Bigraphs. The topic could also involve the design of new logics. The existing work is focused on spatial logics.

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Tags: rule formats, Logic, reasoning, process algebra, structural operational semantics, object-oriented, distributed, rewriting logic, logic of knowledge, belief revision, dynamics
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