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HTML5 for InfoInternet

This topic is related to the Digi Project. The aim is to build a Light profile of HTML5 to be used for the new concept of InfoInternet.

Ask for discussions with one of the supervisors, for more information or variations of the project. See also general concerns.

HTML 5 brought several features that address the challenge of building Web applications that work while offline.

There are various ways to handle cache with HTML5 like: Application cache, FileSystem API, Web Storage, SQLLite or indexDB.

However, the concept most liked nowadays is the recent HTML5 Service Workers from Google. See Matt Gaunt on "Service Workers: an Introduction" at Web Fundamentals,  or  MDN web docs on "Using Web Workers".

The thesis would focus on reading and describing how this new technology can be used. Secondly, you will work closely with the Digi project to demonstrate Service Workers (SW) on one of their proposed applications coming from Health or Education areas.

Questions that the thesis might answer:

  1. What are the Security aspects posed by SW?
  2. What are the Caching Strategies and when and how these should be used?
  3. Analyse user experience for apps developed using SW. Where are the pitfalls? Give developer guidelines.

The student will have to implement any solution in the case studies done by the Digi project.

Tags: HTML5, off-line web applications, Basic Internet
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