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R3: Random Robust Rust

The task is to design and implement a radmomization concept for Rust compilation

Background and motivation



Embedded system in the rapidly growing IoT (``internet of things'') and
``smart'' consumer appliances have come under increasing attacks. An
established technique in more conventional settings to harden the system is
randomization for instance of the memory layout. Having exact
knowledge of such layout can help to exploit weaknesses in a devastating
manner like taking control of the system itself (as opposed to just
crashing it). Randomiziation helps insofar that a possible adversary has
figure out the memory layout for every individual systems anew. The
individual system still may be vulnerable, but it's no longer easy to do
certain attacks for the whole /class/ of systems, thereby making the
overall /infrastructure/ more robust an less tempting for an attack

Rust  is a quite recent programming language, with a first
stable release 2015, which is gaining traction.

The stated goal of the language is to enable fast, efficient, and memory
safe systems programming, stressing safe code even for low-level,
hardware-close applications and in the presence of {concurrency.  It
combines a number of advanced and/or novel features, for example
sophisticated memory management, but not based on garbage collection
but based on ownership. Being targeted also for ``embedded systems'', one
feature of the memory management is that it runs without the support of a
surrounding operating system or run-time system (on the ``naked
hardware''). That makes it an attractive language for IoT and related
applications. On the downside, the memory management cannot rely on the
operating system to assist in randomization


Problem setting

The task consists in desiging and implementing a concept for randomization
of memory layout for Rust. Collaboration with the Security Lab  is
possible, and the implementation may target platforms like Rasberry
  Pi as representing IoT platforms. Collaboration within DiverseIoT is
possible, as well.


Emneord: Rust, randomization, compiler, security, IoT, diversification, hardening
Publisert 7. okt. 2020 14:36 - Sist endret 25. nov. 2020 07:02



  • Christian Bergersen

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