Visualization of Objects on the Cloud

Virtualized services are application-level services deployed on the cloud, which are able to scale to meet quality of service (QoS) requirements by exploiting the elasticity of the cloud infrastructure. However, the use of virtual resources on the cloud also incurs different costs for the service owner. Resources are metered; i.e, resource usage is "pay-as-you-go" with costs for cpu, storage, bandwidth, etc.

This master project involves simulation of object-oriented applications deployed on the cloud. A big challenge for model-based development is to understand the performance of the model, i.e., where are the hot-spots for cpu, memory, bandwidth, and other resources. This thesis project involves visualizing models of virtualized applications and their deployment architectures in such a way that the developer can identify hot spots. The thesis project fits with the European research project Envisage (, coordinated by IFI. The project can be either more theoretical work on methodology for developing virtualized services or on analysis methods and tools, or more practical by performing a case study of a specific application. For a student who is interested in a semester abroad during the master, we can also help in finding good host institutions and international contacts among the partners of the Envisage project.

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