Robotics: Eurobot

The Eurobot competition is held yearly in France, and student teams compete in a task involving one or more mobile robots. Will you take the challenge and design a fully autonomous mobile robotic system that can make it to the top?

The first robot made by a ROBIN team competing in Eurobot 2015.

Competing in Eurobot would be a different kind of Master's thesis. It would require a team of students and good project management in order to manage the high amount of work required to enter the competition.

Careful time management, division of labour and choosing between off-the-shelf solutions or in-house development will be necessary. In addition to this, the competition is held in the beginning of May, and it would require some planning with regard to the time for submitting the thesis, so that it does not conflict with travelling and competing. You should also look for one or more sponsors to cover expenses.

Teams will have to consider both mechanical and electronic design, implement control algorithms and artificial intelligence on top. There has previously been one team from the ROBIN group competing in Eurobot, so it would be wise to read up on their experience, and maybe reuse some of their solutions, but there is most likely a large amount of new design involved as well.

If you are prepared for all this, the project could be fun and highly rewarding. Please contact us for further discussion.


Emneord: Robotikk, robotics, Artificial Intelligence
Publisert 13. okt. 2017 10:08 - Sist endret 16. okt. 2017 17:47

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