Study Abroad? – Master Project in Brazil, Japan or US

Funding available for selected students to do two (or one) semesters abroad for master thesis work from August 2020 – Dec 2020 (funding for the spring semester 2021 is dependent on approval from the Research Council of Norway since after the original project period).

Funding through the COINMAC collaboration project (2017–2019) between ROBIN at University of Oslo and partners in Brazil, Japan and US

Cover: Travel + monthly scholarship of NOK 6000 (dependent on the Research Council of Norway providing funding)

Requirement: 60 credits of courses should have been taken and passed by the end of the spring semester 2018.

Interested? Contact: Jim Tørresen, e-mail 

Apply by sending an e-mail with subject "COINMAC Application" to Jim Tørresen  4 November at the latest with (all in English language):

  1. A cover letter indicating what topic, lab and country you would be most interested in for an exchange scholarship for doing a master project and why you are motivated for doing your master abroad
  2. CV (including any longer stays abroad)
  3. Transcripts with grades from bachelor and master study (applicants should have grade average C or better on courses)

Topic for master project: It is most relevant with master projects related to/in the domain of one of our externally funded project, see here. Scholarships are normally only provided to ROBIN master students.

Selection criteria: Grades, project relevance and general qualifications. Interview (including with the international partner on Skype) may be expected. Candidates will be selected by ROBIN and relevant partners.

Decision about scholarships is to be taken 23 November at the latest. Since the decision is taken close to the IFI deadline for submitting the master plan, you should also have been thinking about what master project you would do if not going abroad.


Relevant labs:

Brazil: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFGRS)/Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (GIA) Porto Alegre. Contacts: Prof. Dante Barone, Bruno Castro da Silva and Prof. Edson Prestes

Brazilian Institute of Robotics, Senai CIMATEC , Salvador. Contact: Dr. Herman Lepikson

JapanKyushu University

USA: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Contact: Dr. Adrian Stoica

These are the current partners in the collaboration project, but we could be open for other hosts in the three selected countries (and have some other contacts not listed here that can be relevant).


Outgoing ROBIN master students and returning visiting master students from Brazil, June 2018. Read more here.

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