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Commercial prediction (Schneider Electric)

Schneider Electric Norway AS has proposed master projects that will be co-supervised by them and will involve real and challenging ICT problems in their organisation. Part of the work will be done at their offices at Ryen. 

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Schneider Electric Logo

Commercial prediction

Problem description

  • Today, we rely for a large part on a bottom-up information flow to understand where the market is going (mostly from our partners, our customers, our sales representatives.
  • We complete this information with historical data such as sales pipeline, sales historical data
  • This information source is both very diffuse, unconnected and very subjective.

Scope of project

  • Identify all existing sources of information, both internal and external
  • Identify ways to structure this information so that it can be used to predict in which way the market is evolving
    • Who are our tomorrow’s customers?
    • Where are they located?
    • What do they want?
    • Which market segment do they belong to?
    • What competences do we need to anticipate this demand?

Potential solutions

  • Machine learning
  • Can also be a student from Mathematics and Statistics.

This project would suit a student with an interest in data science and applied statistics. A student with interest in entrepreneurship and management would also be suitable, with a sufficient background in statistics. Machine learning methods, and other suitable statistical methods should be examined as a means to develop a predictive support system for sales and commercial data.

Emneord: Machine Learning, Statistical modelling, Entrepreneurship
Publisert 5. okt. 2017 09:03 - Sist endret 16. mai 2018 09:47

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