SD: Smart transport in rural areas

Transition to more sustainable transport systems in rural areas

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The innovation & research project "Smart transport in rural areas", aims to develop tools and services for Mobility-as-a-Service, specially tailored for sparsely populated rural areas. The main idea is to develop a holistic system for transport planning that dynamically coordinates transport of people and goods to make the most of transport resources. In this project we are going to develop:

  • services that connect transport needs and offers in a customer friendly, dynamic and optimal way
  • tools that calculate cost indicators, utilisation of resources, travel and waiting time and that will over the time learn about transport needs
  • a simulator that suggests changes in transport resources and transport offerings, and calculates indicators for change scenarios.

The project will contribute to reduce environmental costs of transport (Sustainable Development Goal - SDG 13) while enabling good transport services in rural areas (SDG 9), contributing to sustainable communities (SDG 11) and responsible consumption (SDG 12).

As a part of the project we are going to investigate:

  • Persuasive and emphatic design for sustainability - How to motivate people towards more sustainable behaviour?
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence - How to explain the suggestions from the optimisation algorithms to humans? How to design two-way interaction between humans and artificial intelligence?
  • Privacy by design - How to provide best possible services to vulnerable user groups while protecting their privacy?
  • Tools for sustainable design – What have we learned from use of different design tools in sustainable design?

Mandatory courses are IN5000 and IN5010.


Emneord: design, AI, privacy
Publisert 6. okt. 2020 17:58 - Sist endret 17. okt. 2020 01:04


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