SD: Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is one of the biggest pollutants. We believe in myths such as 1) Buying from eco-conscious brands is the way to reduce the fashion footprint 2)Donating old clothes is a sustainable way to clean the closet 3) Brands that promote sustainability are sustainable 4) Most cloths are recyclable etc.

Increasing the sustainability of the fashion industry is rather interesting also from the perspective of the new business models design for more sustainable fashion consumption.

Bildet inneholder en jente i rød og rosa kjøle som ser seg i speilet.

The image shows a girl in a red and pink dress, looking into the mirror.

  • This project is linked to the UiO:Norden project Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models
  • The thesis aims to contribute to understanding how fashion can be made more sustainable by envisioning alternative business models and services (rental, services for niche groups, upscaling, etc.)


Some Ph.D. and master thesis work has already been done in the context of the previous, related NFR project Conserve and Consume. You may want to take a look at the master thesis "Transitions to more sustainable fashion: relational, transparent, and community-building".



Emneord: sustainable business models, consumption, fashion, services
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