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Circular Energy for a Sustainable Circular Economy (Circular Energy) is an UiO:Energy financed project led by the Sustainability & Design group. It focuses on how we can prevent the loss of the energy materialised in digital technologies by extending the lifespan of these technologies through design, maintenance, and repair. In the project we collaborate with UiO's Law Faculty, Science Library, and Climate House (Klimahuset) in the UiO's Botanical Gardens in Oslo

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One of the questions in Circular Energy is, 'Can we make people more aware of the energy use in their daily lives'. In this master project you will focus on energy use in the IFI building. Here are some questions that can be addresses in a master thesis:

  • How much energy is used by digital technologies (servers, PCs, laptops, mobile phones, printers, etc.) and how can staff and students be made aware of this energy use through the visualisation of energy consumption?

Another master project can focus on energy consumption in the daily activities taking place in the building:

  • How can we conserve or create energy during our daily activities in the building and use it to reduce the energy consumption in the building?

A third master project can focus on the maintenance and repair of digitalisation technologies such as servers, mobile phones, routers, sensors, etc.:

  • What supports or hinders the maintenance and repair of digitalisation technologies?

Reducing energy consumption is an important contribution in addressing the climate crisis.  These master projects will address this issue in a designerly manner. The research questions can be addressed through different approaches, such as information visualisation,  protoyping, transition design, design for sustainability or critical design.

Project support:

Besides supervisors, you will also get support from an industrial ecologist, who can help you in understanding the relationship between energy use and green house gas emissions.

Recommended courses:

NB. Two students will work together on each of the proposed master projects.

Emneord: critical design, energy, sustainability, visualisations
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