SD: Tangible and Embodied Interaction

This thesis topic is related to the group’s research on research through design and interaction design. Specifically, we are interested in continuing our research together with some master students on the exploration of new ways of dealing with societal challenges through the use of tangible and embodied interaction.

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New technologies and interfaces have opened up new avenues for designers and researchers to rethink design for social challenges, e.g., welfare technology. Current public services and products tailored for social inclusion are dominantly revolving around screen-based interfaces. We want to explore new solutions and alternatives to existing solutions using tangible and embodied interaction.


New interaction mechanisms

Traditional interfaces and technical devices, mainly relying on screens to communicate with the user, have severely restricted the modes of input and output available to the user. As designers and researchers, we can use tangible and embodied interaction to look into the whole physical environment surrounding the interaction to explore new ways of interacting with systems. As such, this thesis topic will have an exploratory and innovative approach with opportunities to design and test brand new technologies and concepts within different domains.


IN5120 – A course specifically designed for this thesis topic

To help students who have limited experience with technology and technical design get started, we offer a specific course on this topic. IN5120 is an intensive studio-based lab course running over five weeks, where students specifically work with the subject of Tangible Interaction. We begin with simple learning tools such as Little Bits and work our way up to fully functional exhibition-ready installations. It will only be held Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 if enough students are interested in this topic or other master thesis topics related to prototyping, e.g., Participatory Design and Prototyping, Interactive and visual installations addressing sustainability, or other similar topics covered by the Sustainability & Design research group.


Collaboration on lab activities and design workshops

The students who want to work on this topic will collaborate closely with the ongoing research efforts and design lab activities of faculty and Ph.D. students in the research group. We include students in existing or new meetings, workshops, and collaborations with internal and external partners. In addition to lab activities, there will be structured reading groups and prototyping workshops organized by faculty and PhDs affiliated with this thesis topic.


Suited for student groups

This thesis topic is suited for students who want to work as part of a larger group of both faculty, PhDs, and students, and is also interested in having students who will want to write their thesis together. We have very positive experiencing with students working together in parts, or all, of their thesis work, which has proven to be extra helpful in situations involving practical work, e.g., prototyping, fieldwork, and workshops.


Mandatory courses:

This thesis can be written in English or Norwegian.

Emneord: tangible interaction, tangible user interface, embodied interaction, prototyping
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