During 2009 SINTEF, together with the University of Oslo, established a new Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy lab. The lab was financed by SINTEF, the Norwegian Research Council program NANOMAT and by inGAP. The new lab is located in SINTEF’s laboratories in Oslo and replaces old instruments at both SINTEF and UiO. The NMR lab has been established as a national research tool platform and includes two state-of-the-art Bruker Avance III NMR instruments - a 400 MHz instrument for liquid samples and a 500 MHz wide bore instrument for solid samples, high temperature experiments and gas flow (catalytic) experiments.

The NMR lab at SINTEF is available for basic research in addition to providing services for companies

The 500 MHz instrument is equipped with four different solid-state sample holders (probes): Two different MAS probes (3.2 mm triple resonance and 4 mm extended tuning range and high T) for solid-state NMR and two other special probes; a HR-MAS probe suitable for solid-liquid samples, such as tissues and gels and a MASCAT flow probe allowing NMR studies of a sample under flowing gas. This latter probe has a working temperature up to about 400 °C and allows studies of gas-solid interactions relevant for catalysis. This probe has the required gas feeding systems and online analysis based on GC.

The new NMR laboratory is a major upgrade of the national NMR infrastructure in Norway and has a special focus on studies within material science. The NMR laboratory is available for basic research in addition to providing services for companies.

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